Monday, March 9, 2009

Hope This Clears My Mind

I have a crisis of good design thoughts today. I am here at my table trying to figure out how to add a feature to the building that I finished designing a year ago. Go figure, my clients and I already agreed on the previous design. Apparently, after a year of soul-searching, tadah! they realized that a feature (which, by the way, already exists but positioned on the other side of the building) should also be on the other side of the building.

It is almost a week now, and I still cannot consolidate ideas and finalize my design. But that's life being an architect, you should always give leeway for changes. Even during the construction process, designs change. So why am I complaining? I will be paid for the changes anyway - hehe, hopefully.

So for aspiring architects and new ones, brace yourself. Like any other profession, ours also has its ups and downs. We must be flexible at all times. Yes, we have our design ideas that we know are good for our clients, but they too have their own wants. We should also remember that they are the end-users. They get to live in the building, not us. As long as what they want meets with the national and local codes, go ahead and listen. But always push for the right design; explain the advantages and disadvantages especially on the things that they insist on incorporating to the whole design concept. And guys, learn to be persuasive - be creative in your approach. It helps not to antagonize a client. Trust me! Of course, dedication to your work is very important. If you love your profession you will learn that it's not hard after all.

Where were we? Ah OK...Perhaps, a little bit of scribbling will help clear my mind. Like what I heard they suggest when you are angry - cut vegetables. Of course I am not angry. Do you see a knife? Hehe.

I suppose I have doodled a lot. I think I am ready to work again. Until my next blog...Got to go. I need to work back and fast since I have to do preliminary design studies for another client. Ciao

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