Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leaving Home or Moving Home

It's been more than three months now since I left Tagbilaran City. I miss my family and some things that I left behind. Kind of hard to imagine uprooting myself from the place I've always known as home. Although this is not the first instance I've traveled far, the feeling now is much more different.

I was a fresh high school graduate then going to start university life at UP Diliman in Quezon City when I first stepped off from home. But I was young and had much desire to be away - to explore new places and new possibilities. After graduating architecture and getting my architect's license, I practiced my profession for a while in Metro Manila. Yet, there was always this urge to come home. Needless to say, eleven years later I came back, continued my career and settled down. Probably, the best thing that ever happened to me.

Yet life is full of surprises. And it turned out that I have to leave town again to start anew - with my own family. Although plans are not definite yet, it looks like we will be stuck here for a while. And guess where? In the city that never sleeps - in New York. But now I choose to think that I haven't left home but rather moved my home to where we are today. But without a doubt, there is no place like home!